Based in Bozeman, MT, Reel Action Media arose in 2006 as the surge in cinematic fly fishing films hit the market.  Originally focusing on exotic fly fishing destinations and prey, it has evolved over time as its founder, Henry Harrison, has become a passionate storyteller.  From filming Polar Bears, Narwhals, and nesting cliffs in the arctic to massive estancias in Tierra Del Fuego and unexplored rivers in Bolivia, RAM has been helping clients tell their own stories all over the world for almost a decade.  

The advent of new technologies has enabled a flood of new filmmakers into the marketplace, and we see this as a good thing.  More films means a greater chance for great films to be made. However, the glut of new filmmakers can make it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, especially if you are new to the medium, and the ease at which viewers consume film on a variety of channels and devices means that having a video presence is generally assumed.  At RAM, we passionately follow the latest developments in technology and techniques.  Henry Harrison has even founded a small film festival to focus on what these can do for filmmaking and filmmakers.  But in the end, these are only tools, and we recognize and celebrate the primacy of story and creativity that these tools make possible.

At RAM, our first priority is providing value through creative innovation in visual media.  Our clients hire us for a reason: to get exponential value for their limited resources. Creativity and innovation must always work toward this goal.  While we revel in creating beautiful imagery and telling great stories, they must ultimately justify themselves with results.

If you or your organization have questions about how video has become a necessity in today's market and how you can leverage the medium to grow your business or engage your viewers, please feel free to contact us at any time.