I'm hot (and not in a good way)

Hello, again.

It has been hot this summer. H.O.T. Hot. Like wildfires all over the place hot. And Mel doesn't come out of the shade hot. You get my point. We've been doing what we can to cool off.

A dip in the city pool.
Stinky, old dogs need to cool off too.
Even the osprey is shading her chicks.
Let's play "Find the Labrador in the Yellowstone."
This is where people are hanging out all summer.
Holding a beer (an empty can he found and used for water transportation), sticking out his beer gut, looking a little drunk, and showing me some pools he found.
Bozeman Beach. Only in a land-locked state do you call the edge of a pond a "beach."
Bozeman Beach
Cooling off at our friends' house.
All that water makes a kid have to pee. Which lucky individual gets to watch that footage?

On the up side, when I dry my clothes on the line one load dries before the other is done washing.