Distill Productions

There's a new production company in town--Distill Productions. A company that makes documentary-style films that cement your brand. I don't know what that means; I just write stuff. I do know that they are amazing filmmakers with a lot of talent and experience. I may be sleeping with one of them...but not right now because I am staying up too late blogging. They say:

Distill your message into one honest, human narrative, and viewers will identify. Make it compelling, and they engage. Distill Productions relies on documentary-style filmmaking, masterful cinematography, and intelligent distribution to create videos that mobilize your message.

Check out their website and watch their reel ( 3:47 minutes of amazing footage). If you keep scrolling down you can meet the filmmakers and see their smiling faces. And if you want to meet them in person I could probably set it up for you.