Kei invasion

Friends reunited

At the end of July, we were up near White Sulphur Springs dancing our pants off to the likes of Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Billy Joe Shaver, Taj Mahal, and others, when I saw on Facebook that my good friend Noelle and her family were coming to Montana. Possibly. Or maybe they'd go to Hawaii. Then my phone died for the rest of the weekend.

As were heading home--dusty, slightly dehydrated, and hearts full of song--we found out that the Kei family was indeed coming to Montana and would be staying just 15 minutes from our house.

Noelle is a flight attendant (on furlough) and can get free or discounted tickets for the whole family. The only catch is that they fly standby, so they wait until the last minute, see which flights have the most open seats, and then make a run for the airport. You never know when they might show up.

The morning after returning from the music festival, the boys and I drove down to Pine Creek to show the Keis --Noelle and Albert, Savannah (18) Mia (9), Lilly (6), Henry (4) and Oliver (2)--our little slice of Montana. I'm probably off a little on those ages.

We started with a hike to Pine Creek Falls.

Headed up the trail.
Anders and Finn show the Kei kids Slide Rock.
Albert, the smart one, hangs out on the bridge while the rest of us wade in snowmelt-cold water.
We made them pose all over the place for pictures.
The cute couple
Where is the waterfall?
So serious.
It's like seventh grade all over again. Only less awkward.
Noelle had seen photos of our famous driveway bbqs and was psyched to get to attend one.

The next morning we were all rearing to go again. I normally try to avoid Old Faithful in the summer, but when you have friends in town who have never been to Yellowstone and may not be back for awhile, you better go to Old Faithful. And it turned out to be fun.

Geyser gazing
Checking out the new visitor center at Old Faithful. Very cool.
Hot springs and cute boys.
One last geyser photo before we leave.

Then they were gone...we hope they come back sometime.