{Yellowstone} Unlce Tom's Trail, Artist Point

Our second day in Yellowstone was short since we had to be back in Livingston for the boys' art camp. We made the most of it with an early walk down Uncle Tom's Trail. It's more than three hundred stairs after a bit of a hike. At the end you get a nice view of the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone.

Breakfast in the Canyon campground.
Anders descending Uncle Tom's Trail.
Lower Falls from the bottom of Uncle Tom's Trail.
Heading back up and for a meltdown. Not far from here Anders started yelling, "Your the worst mom ever," and then he totally lost it. In my defense, he's not in the Yellowstone River, thus disproving his claim.

After that fun hike we got our acts together and drove down to Artist's Point. We wanted to see a ranger program. The boys are working on their Junior Ranger badge and we needed to attend a program. Then we went home. The end.

Fully recovered and enjoying Artist's Point.