Halloween Eve 2012

I told you how the lead up to Halloween went, here's how the actual evening went down.

After an early, and super healthy dinner, we hit the streets looking for candy. The boys were psyched to wear their costumes and could barely stand still for the obligatory photos.

A red ant and a pterodactyl walk up to a house...
Reaping the rewards from the first house.

We picked up some friends for a trick or treating party. The really fun thing about Livingston is that the city closes down Yellowstone Street and tons of kids trick or treat there without worrying about cars. Plus, you see lots of friends as you go from house to house. We stopped at a couple parties along the way, which made it even more fun.

We add a ghost and witch to our crew.
Spooky drink.
We found a popcorn stand on one corner.

The next morning we had to shake off the sugar buzz. I let the boys each pick 10 pieces of candy to keep, and then traded them $10 at Target for the rest. They each picked out Lego kits and were quite happy with the trade. Then we hit the park.

Swinging off their sugar.
Atop one of the climbing boulders at the park.
We all made it to the top (and through Halloween).