{Yellowstone} Bunsen Peak hike

A couple weeks ago, we went for a lovely hike up Bunsen Peak in Yellowstone National Park. We intended to go over a year ago, but snow on the peak detoured us to the Beaver Pond Loop Trail--also a great hike.

We were glad to make it back to Bunsen. The peak is named after the guy who invented the Bunsen burner. Remember those from high school lab classes?

It's a 2.4 mile ascent to the top, so Bunsen Peak is accessible for almost everyone. It is steep (1300-feet or so), but if the four of us can make it, anyone can. And Henry and I carried Finn on our backs for half the way up.

These boys are not messing around.
We made it to the first bend.
Sometimes I can't believe how cute this kid is.
This one, too.
Swan Lake Flats
Hoodoos and Mt Everts.
Synchronized sandwich eating.
Henry in the mist.
Climbing, climbing, climbing.
He simply cannot walk any further.
At the top!