{Every Day a Play Day} Tuesday means Mayors Landing

It's day two of Every Day a Play Day. Since it's election day, we first headed to the polls to cast my vote (pro-environment, pro-women, pro-getting off our butts about climate change). Since our local dog walking park is just downriver, we made that our next stop.

After shoving an anti-inflammatory pill down Diesel's throat (did I mention he had knee surgery about 6 weeks ago?), we piled out of the truck. Anders and Diesel immediately began running around in circles and searching for sticks to carry. Rigby wandered around and peed on stuff (he's still got it!) and Finn grabbed my hand. Off to the woods where the wind is tamed.

Unprovoked, Anders ran up to me and said, "I love being outdoors!" I asked him why, but he said he couldn't explain it. Might have something to do with having space to be crazy. Plus, the colors are still quite lovely.

Yes, we voted, but not on Finn's sticker placement. That's all his choice.
Running, running, running. Always running.