{Every Day a Play Day} Wednesday is wacky

Let me out to play!

It's day three of Every Day a Play Day. Wednesdays are always a little tough for us in terms of getting outside. I have a class at the gym in the morning, then we go straight to ukelele lessons. By the time we get home I have to shower and feed the kids before my shift driving the polar bear camera starts. I'm glued to the computer for the following four hours, then it's time to change into swimsuits and head to swim lessons. After that, it's dinner and bed. Phew! Fortunately, most of our days are not like this, so we have fun on busy Wednesdays.

The boys were particularly feisty today. What's the nice word for that? Spirited? Whatever you call it, they kept fighting with each other. Drove me nuts. So, I told them to go outside and play.

Anders invented a game throwing a frisbee into chalk-drawn circles. Finn joined him. They started fighting and Finn started bawling. Plan B: quiet time! Everyone into a separate room to play by themselves. Aahhhh.....peace. I love quiet time.

In all, I think they played outside for 15 minutes. Not very long, but tomorrow will be better.

Constant motion, that one.
Setting up the game.
Before the storm of emotions.