{Every Day a Play Day} Thursday and Friday are snow days

On Wednesday it was 65F, then on Thursday it was 30F. That's a pretty abrupt transition to winter. It's about time, but still startling.

Our outdoor playtime, as part of the Every Day a Play Day challenge, was a long walk around town. We sauntered to our errands and cruised to the library.

Smiley at the start of our walk, and a little cold.
Making footprints in the snow.

On Friday, we got the first real snow of the season. The boys were so excited to play that I put their snow clothes on over their jammies and sent them out the door.

First snow.
Snow angels.
Their shoveling makes more work for me, but they are in training for when this becomes their job entirely.

After a couple hours outside, we came in and warmed up. It's been a long time since we've been to Chico, and I figured we were due a soak in the hot springs pool. We ate a late lunch, then drove down the valley to soak.

Aaah, Chico Hot Springs.
Checking out the pool while waiting for mac and cheese.

Even though the Every Day a Play Day challenge is over, we aim to get outside all winter long.