Snow play at Mill Creek

Sing along with me... It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Mill Creek

It's been snowing a bit and that makes me very happy. The boys are finally old enough/coordinated enough that the three of us can take a little ski together. I've finally learned to change my expectations and not push them to go too far. So, we skied up Mill Creek for about 15 minutes and then turned around. I even thought to bring the sled so we could continue our snow play in a way that the boys really like. And of course, there were snacks. I might be getting a hang of this parenting outdoors thing.

...and away they go.
Skiing with style.
Photo op at the turn around/snack stop.
At the bottom of a really pretty sledding hill.
Ready to sled!
Pulling the sled back up. Don't be fooled, I pulled it up every other time.

We had such a good time that we went back a few days later with Henry. An additional 4-6 inches greeted us as we clicked into our Nordic skis and slid down the Mill Creek Road (gated to vehicles).

Sidestepping up a hill to the road.
Getting passed by a dog sledding team.
That face!
Anders narrating a film for Henry.
That face, too!
There goes Finn.
While Henry and Anders skied on, Finn and I went back for the sled. I pulled him around the Snowbank for him and good exercise for me.
I even got in a 30-minute solo ski. Nice view, huh?

It's a late start, but it's a good start to season of skiing.