Just us chickens

Anders and chicky.

We've been talking about it for years and we finally did it. We got chickens! They are the cutest little things, and by midsummer they'll be laying delicious, nutritious eggs for us to eat.

I see a lot of photos of chickens on Facebook and Instagram, and while I like seeing them, I never quite got why people take so many pictures of their chickens. Now I do. They are ridiculously cute and photogenic.

They get to live in the house until June, when the weather is consistently warm, then they'll spend the rest of their lives in the yet-to-be-built coop and run in our yard. They are already outgrowing the bin we started them in. Next stop will be a wading pool in the basement with some sort fence around it.

I won't make you look at too many photos of these cuties, but here are a few.

Chickens at the store, just waiting for us to take them home.
Our seven chickens in their new home.
One of our barred rock chicks.
Rhode Island red chick.
Mr. Finklestein loves the chicks.