Field Trip Friday: West Yellowstone

Normally, Field Trip Friday is all about the boys. But, a couple weeks ago Henry and I took a field trip sans kids. We dropped the boys in Ennis with Mogie and Big Henry and headed east to West Yellowstone, Montana. Henry wanted to get some footage of cross-country skiing and I was happy to be the "talent." Plus, almost two full days alone with my husband was quite a treat.

We skied a couple trails, went out to dinner, and took advantage of our hotel's hot tub. And we slept in a little -- no kids or meowing cat to wake us up.

Henry skis at Refuge Point.
Love seeing this ski guy.
There was a lot of taking the camera in and out of the backpack on this trip.
The Riverside Ski Trail starts in West Yellowstone and loops through Yellowstone National Park.
Snowy ski trail along the Madison River.
My dream is to stay here some time, or at least get the t-shirt.

I think we need more weekends away, even if they are work weekends.