Easter 2013 (a day early)

This year Easter falls on Henry's birthday. The nerve of Easter! To handle this calendar debacle we celebrated Easter a day early.

There were plenty of Easter egg hunts to choose from in Bozeman, so we chose a big one and headed over the hill. The boys were in different areas of the Montana State University soccer fields. I stuck with Anders, and Henry and Finn paired up in another area.

Ready for the hunt.
Gathering eggs.
Happy with his haul.

After the egg dash we hung around for face painting and bubbles.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn.
Chasing bubbles.
When you're easily exhausted it's nice to have someone to help you out.

Back at home it was time to dye eggs. Finn and I whipped up four colors and boiled eggs.

Dyes -- (back to front) tea, beets, blackberries, turmeric

While we waited for the dye to cool off, I thought it would be fun to let the chickens out in the yard. It was their first time outside and they were a little freaked out. Maybe it was because of the manhandling.

Three chickens in a messed up yard.
Of course they are going to put a chicken in a trailer.
Sunset or Sunrise, or is it Cinnamon?

With the chickens back in their indoor wading pool, the boys got serious about prettifying their eggs.

Egg dying.

On Easter morning, the boys will search for eggs in the yard and be super psyched about the Venus flytraps in their Easter baskets. Then it will be all about Henry's 40th birthday!

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