Sock story

When we were in California at the end of August, I had a sudden urge to start knitting again. I'm a seasonal knitter. I usually get motivated in the fall and lose interest in spring. I know August wasn't fall, but my biological knitting clock started ticking loudly enough that I dragged my mom (willingly) to a local yarn shop. I decided on a pair of socks so I would only have to buy a skein of yarn and one set of needles.

One small sock...

I made a beautiful, lacy, sock that would fit someone with shorter feet than I. After all that work--the pattern was somewhat intricate--I was frustrated it didn't fit and thrust it to the bottom of my knitting bag. And I found a sock I made for Anders last fall. It wouldn't fit him anymore, but if I made one more I could give them to Finn. So I did.

Finn's fun socks.
You just want to relax when you wear these.

Now to go unravel the end of my too-small sock and get back to work.