Trekker 64 – Kelty

My first backpack was a Kelty external frame pack. Way back then, it seemed everyone was switching to internal frames, and I soon did, too. While an internal frame pack is great for dodging through bushes and tight situations, I still missed my external frame. Until last summer when I got a new and improved Kelty Trekker 64.

Since I am often carrying the gear of a six-year-old, I want to make things as comfortable as possible. An external frame gets the weight off my back and feels so much better on those slow hikes into camp. Like my old pack, this one has lots of pockets, making it easy to find things. The frame is adjustable, the waist and shoulder belts padded, and load lifters stabilize the pack. There are some modern updates too, like hydration system compatibility.


This review first appeared in Montana Parent magazine.